About Us

HqO Skincare was birthed in 2008 by founder Lahronda Little, who searched years for a solution to eliminate her own personal challenges with a skin condition called “Keratosis Pilaris,” or more commonly - chicken skin.

Months of formulation development provided a product that moisturizes and controls the condition of Keratosis Pilaris, and does not irritate your skin. And not only that, HqO is also effectively soothing for other skin conditions like eczema, dry scalp, and psoriasis. From testing to final product launch, HqO offers a line of organic body care for everyone in your family.

High Quality Organic Skincare, LLC. is located in the metro Atlanta area and currently promotes and sells its products through the hqoshop.com website and Home Shows. Visitors to the website can also find access to healthy tips on the Live Healthy Look Healthy blog, email blasts, customer testimonials, and Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.